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“Let’s Build a World for Us All!”

This video is a project of the Council. Set to music from Derek Saker of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, it opens in black and white. A young woman sits alone on a bed in an institution. A teenage boy is begging on a street corner. Another boy sits alone in an isolation room. During the course of the video we see each of the characters “come to life”, as they transition into full color images of how they are actually living their lives in the community today, as full and productive members of the community.  Three other adults who have disabilities are shown as they go about their day working and living full, inclusive, meaningful lives. The video ends with an integrated group of people releasing balloons into the sky with various disability labels written on them; the underlying message being to let go of the perceptions and labels we can have for people with disabilities. Closed Captioned. Video can be viewed below or on our U-tube channel.