Youth Advocacy Initiative (Y.E.S.!)

We’re excited to announce the roll out of a new pilot project, the Youth Empowering Students or Y.E.S. initiative. Bringing transition, advocacy and self-determination information into the schools with a peer to peer educational model that reaches youth transitioning out of high school!

Goal 2, Objective 2.2 of our five year state plan is to: Support opportunities annually for a minimum of 10 individuals with I/DD who are considered leaders to provide leadership training to individuals with I/DD who may become leaders.

Activity A) A Youth Leadership initiative will be established in two regions of the State engaging Partners in Policymaking graduates and self-advocacy leaders to provide information to students with I/DD, their teachers and parents regarding self-determination, advocacy, post-secondary education and employment options.

This curriculum provides materials and education on the following but is not limited to:

– Post-Secondary Education and Employment Options

– Advocacy, Leadership and Community Involvement

– Guardianship

– Informed Choice and Self-Determination

For more information, or to have this curriculum brought to your school, please contact our Self-Advocacy Coordinator, Catherine Nielsen, at 775-684-8622.