Accessibility 101

The NGCDD is working diligently to ensure all aspects of our services are accessible to the fullest extent possible. Embedding accessible, inclusive, universal design practices ensures people who have disabilities and/or use assistive technology devices (adaptive equipment that people with disabilities commonly use for information and communication access) have equal or comparable access to materials.

Our Current Website Accessible Features:

  • Accessibility Button on the bottom left of all pages.
  • Site Map
  • Links in the text are underlined
  • Target attributes are removed from links
  • Outline added to all links on focus mode
  • Alt text for non text images

Some content on our website was written by, or provided from, outside resources. For content written by, or provided from, outside resources, you will need to contact that resource directly for an accommodation request. We are happy to provide reasonable accommodations as defined by ADA Title 2 Regulations for NGCDD sponsored materials, meetings and events.

For NGCDD sponsored materials, meetings or events, please direct accommodation requests to Ellen Marquez at or 775-684-8619 as soon as possible, and at least five business days before a meeting or event.

Some simple rules to follow when considering accessibility features:

  • When emailing PDF’s or other visual content such as event flyers, include informational details in the body of the email as well
  • Use sans serif fonts such as Arial (Times New Roman is not a sans serif font)
  • Include alternative text for images, graphics and tables
  • Use built-in spacing, headings and styles in documents
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Use the accessibility checker feature built into most word software
  • Download our  Accessibility 101 checklist
  • For more information on how to make content more accessible visit Inclusive Nevada.