The NGCDD accomplishes its federal mandates through several different avenues.  Some activities are carried out “in house” by NGCDD staff while others are accomplished by partnering with other established agencies and organizations to address areas of mutual concern.  Additionally, the NGCDD identifies gaps in service delivery and provides community grants to develop and implement projects that address innovative ways to fill those gaps and develop infrastructure for the State. These gaps in service are identified through the development of a Five Year State Plan.  Each state is required to review current needs of individuals in their state and the services and supports available to meet those needs in order to determine how their grant funding will be expended.   

It is the policy of the NGCDD to enforce Executive Order # 12549 which requires that no contractors or sub-recipients of Federal funding are to be found on the Lists of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement or Non-procurement Programs.  The list of debarred parties can be found at

Notice of Funds Available (NOFA)

We are now accepting applications through 5pm, PST, July 28th, 2017, for the following initiatives that align with our 2017-2021 NGCDD Five Year State Plan:

  1. Objective 3.1 Transportation
  2. Objective 3.2 Integrated Employment
  3. Objective 3.3 Systems Change
  4. Objective 3.4 Informed Choice

View our 2017 Notice of Funds Available NOFA for detailed information. Applicants must read and comply with the policies and procedures in the NGCDD Grants Manual (linked below) and attend one of two mandatory in person training sessions listed on the NOFA.

General Information: 

  • Sample Financial Reports (PDF)
  • Grants awarded follow the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) dates of October 1 through September 30th.
  • Reporting periods = 1st quarter report for 10/1 through 12/31 due 1/10 2nd quarter report for 1/1 through 3/31 due 4/10, 3rd quarter report for 4/1 through 6/30 due 7/10, 4th quarter report for 7/1 through 9/30 due 10/10. Any reports turned in late without prior authorization will be noted in the progress report to the Council.
  • To view our current grants awarded see our Projects and Activities Page