Count Me In PACER Puppets

The COUNT ME IN puppet program is designed to help children and adults learn about disabilities and chronic illnesses in an effort to bridge the gap between typical students and those with disabilities.

In 1979, the PACER Puppets, a multicultural cast representing children with various  disabilities, were introduced to classrooms of kindergarten through fourth  graders.

COUNT ME IN features seven endearing, child-size, multicultural puppets that portray children with disabilities.  These puppets have proven to be effective communicators of the message of understanding and acceptance, helping to dispel fears, myths and misconceptions about persons with disabilities. The NGCDD has purchased these puppets for use in Northern Nevada. They are available for loan free of charge for the purpose of disability awareness.
7 PACER puppets with different disabilitiesCouncil member and volunteer conducting a puppet show with 2 puppets










For more information contact Kari Horn, Projects Manager or 775-684-8620