Self-Advocacy Initiatives

Identified as a need in Nevada, Self-Advocacy is defined as the act of speaking on the behalf of or in support of another person, place or thing. This can mean people speaking or acting on their own behalf to improve their quality of life, or correct something that is wrong.

Our Self-Advocacy Coordinator is responsible for the Self-Advocacy Initiatives in Nevada. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Provide the guidance, support, outreach, organization and direction needed while enabling self-advocates to be as empowered, responsible and independent as possible.
  • Convene regular meetings (video-conference, telephone or in person) with I/DD Network representatives and individuals across the state to promote relationship building, information and resource sharing.
  • Identify and share funding opportunities to assist self-advocacy organizations in achieving/maintaining sustainability.Attend statewide committees and councils comprised of multiple agency representatives and bring that information back to the self-advocates.
  • Attend Self-Advocacy and other developmental disability related organization meetings to work collaboratively with these organizations to gather and provide information and guidance about other organizations, grant opportunities and legislative initiatives.
  • Attend community awareness/PACE events at the NGCDD table to talk with individuals and organizations about self-determination, self-advocacy and other resources.
  • Ensures new and relevant information about self-advocacy issues is provided to organizations in a timely manner via email or other alternative methods.
  • Facilitate the collaboration of the Youth Leadership Initiative (Y.E.S.!).
  • Work in partnership with other NGCDD staff to establish a partnership with a culturally diverse organization in each region of the State, help provide education, information and training to develop leaders within the identified organization to support and expand participation of those with I/DD.
  • Work with AIDD partners, including NGCDD staff to support leadership training for people with I/DD and their families.

For more information contact our Self Advocacy Coordinator, Marisol Rivas at or call 775-684-8622.